Terms of service

Terms of service


This document will serve as an end to end license agreement between the user (you) and the service provider (mp3labz inc.). Violation of this document will result in a permanent restriction from use of the service.


Responsibility is manifested only by the end user (you) and we are not in any way associated or responsible for misuse of service and conduct. Furthermore, by using this service the user acknowledges that they are fully responsible for legal repercussions instantiated by their actions following the conversion of a youtube url, including, but not limited to:
  • Copyright infringement
  • Thievery of intellectual property
  • Redistribution of mp3 files (as they are protected by the Creative Commons License)


    We (mp3labz inc.) completely negate to get involved in any legal matters as that would fall under the responsibility of the end user (See I.)


    Abuse of the mp3labz API in any sort will result in a direct violation to this document and will be faced with the repercussions stated in the introduce of this document.


    Mp3labz INC reserves the right to introduce a violation of this document at any time if it feels that the end user was misusing the service.